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Details for Non-Members

Riding safety is a prime consideration in all Our rides.

Our annual membership subscription is $25.00. New member fees for 2014 are $110, which include a nomination fee ($5), annual subscription ($25), and a Club jersey ($80).

New potential members may participate in three rides before they are required to pay the membership fee.

It is a requirement that non members wishing to join a Club ride obtain a Club Indemnity Form from the Ride Captain (or Ride Leader on a Saturday ride). Alternatively download and print out the Indemnity Form. This form is to be completed, signed and returned to the Ride Captain or Ride Leader before the non member will be permitted to join a Club ride.

Indemnity Form Indemnity Form

Applying for membership

On-line Enrolment

You will be required to confirm that you are over 55.
You will be required to provide your residential and email addresses, your telephone numbers and contact details for two of your friends or relations that we should contact in case you are involved in an accident or have a sudden illness.

You will be required to make a bank transfer of the New Member Fees detailed above.

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Postal address PO Box 176, BURSWOOD WA 6100